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Advocacy Leadership | Strategic Planning | Evaluating Outcomes

Advocacy Leadership

The National Coalition for Literacy provides national leadership in advocacy. We must send the same messages from the field to Congress. Otherwise the field appears disorganized and we are less likely to be heard.

The National Coalition for Literacy’s Policy Committee negotiates:

  • Advocacy priorities
  • The “Ask” (The request advocates make of legislators.)
  • Targets – Legislators and legislative aides
  • Timing – when to make the “Ask
  • Strategies – nationally coordinated efforts to speak with one voice and make the most impact

NCL Policy Committee includes organizational members like:

—as well as individual members.

Advocacy leadership develops the message and sends out alerts through various national alert networks. These networks mobilize their state and local networks. Advocates report results back up to national alert network leaders. These results inform national advocacy strategies and national advocacy leaders follow up with legislators on the Hill. See Creating Responsive Networks for ways you can develop a local network and hook it into the national advocacy leadership process.


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