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Fact Sheets-by-District | Fact Sheets-by-State

District and State Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets-by-District

Congressional Fact Sheets-by-District
The National Council of State Directors of Adult Education (NCSDAE) has developed Congressional district fact sheets for every district in the nation. Click the link above, then scroll down to Target Population Information Sheet to download and print yours.

Adult Education and Literacy Fact Sheet—A Congressional District Fact Sheet Example
The Adult Education and Literacy Fact Sheet describes one Congressional district’s need for adult education, the impact, and reasons why it is important to business, immigrants, children, and public health. Advocates should supplement a district-level fact sheet with local and state data.

Fact Sheets-by-State

NEW: Adult Education: A Good Investment in Colorado

The Colorado Adult Education Professional Association (CAEPA) just released a compelling new state fact sheet sharply outlining why Colorado needs investments in adult education.

NEW: Not Just Kid Stuff Anymore: The Economic Imperative for More Adults to Complete College —And other relevant state fact sheets

CLASP has developed fact sheets for most states that present data about education for youth and adults, welfare, and jobs and the economy. Use this interactive map to find fact sheets titled Not Just Kid Stuff Anymore, exploring the economic imperative for more adults to complete college. They are useful when discussing the need to tap the adult student population in order to boost your state’s economic competitiveness.

The Blue Book
Provided by the National Council of State Directors of Adult Education (NCSDAE), the Blue Book gives legislators a snapshot of adult education in states. It presents fundamental facts about adult education followed by a one-page demographic fact sheet on each state.

State Snapshots from the National Reporting System
State Snapshot pages provide information on some state NRS systems along with contact information for state personnel and a list of related resources.


Every Adult in Tennessee
Every Adult In Tennessee illustrates one way to demonstrate that adult education and literacy is both a state and national issue.

Sample State Fact Sheet
A sample state fact sheet from New Hampshire shows one way to present state adult education facts. The original was printed on bright blue paper.

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