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Adult Literacy


Adult Education: A Good Investment in National Priorities
The Adult Education: A Good Investment in National Priorities fact sheet discusses basic facts about adult education in 2012 and illustrates how adult education impacts a wide variety of national priorities. 

Fact Sheets

Percentage of U.S. Adults in Key Demographic Groups Without a High School Credential
From the 2009 GED Testing Program Statistical Report, this figure compares the percentage of U.S. adults in various demographic groups without a high school diploma. This information may be useful when advocating for specific race or ethnicity groups.

Adult Literacy Fact Sheet 2009

Basic Facts About Adult Literacy
ProLiteracy offers quick facts on adult literacy from a national and international perspective.

Characteristics of the Least-Literate Participants in Adult Basic Education Beginning Literacy Programs: 2004-2009
This NRS FastFacts presents the national picture and state highlights of the changing demographics of the least-literate participants in beginning literacy programs from program year 2004-05 through 2008-09. These participants have the lowest level of literacy skills, and therefore, often have the most difficulty meeting goals, such as finding and retaining employment or acquiring a diploma or GED.

Interactive Tool: Indirect County and State Estimates of the Percentage of Adults at the Lowest Literacy Level in 1992 and 2003

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