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  • Over 41% of all incarcerated adults in the U.S. did not complete high school.


Fact Sheets

Every Door Closed: Barriers Facing Parents with Criminal Records. An Action Agenda.
Every Door Closed is a fact sheet series from the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and Community Legal Services, Inc. of Philadelphia that details the scope of the challenges families of parents with criminal records face and offers solutions for policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels. Adult literacy advocates may find useful facts within these sheets as it pertains to education and parental involvement of ex-offenders. Fact sheet topics include:

  • Facts About Parents with Criminal Records
  • Barred from Jobs: Ex-Offenders Thwarted in Attempts to Earn a Living
  • One Strike and You’re Out: Low-Income Families Barred from Housing Because of Criminal Records
  • “I Need to Get Educated”: Lift the Ban on Financial Aid for Higher Education
  • A Critical Bridge to Success: Making Public Benefits Accessible to Parents with Criminal Records
  • Driven Underground: Ex-Offenders Struggle with Child Support Obligations
  • Keeping Families Connected: Helping Incarcerated Parents Stay Involved with their Children
  • Divided Families: Immigration Consequences of Contact with the Criminal Justice System


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