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Advocacy Basics | Legislative Process | Advocacy Leadership Process

Advocacy Basics

All kinds of groups, corporations, and individuals can—and do—advocate, educate and lobby. Adult educators and adult learners have irreplaceable wisdom and unique understanding of adult literacy that policymakers want to know.

Adult learners may not always be ready or able to share their experiences with their legislators. Therefore, adult educators partner with adult learners to educate policymakers about the adult literacy issues we, as a nation, face.

Congress receives over 500 million communications from constituents each year. Adult literacy advocates are small in numbers compared to K-12 and higher education advocates. How can we be more effective in raising the priority of adult literacy with Congress?

This toolkit offers resources to help practitioners, adult learners, and community members do just that. You will find resources that will help you to advocate effectively and strategically for public policies that support adult literacy.

How can you get started?

Register to vote! Contact your local election office. Visit Project Vote Smart where you can search for your local election office by state and county.

Next, educate yourself. Learn more about the Legislative Process and ways to use your time wisely. Learn the Advocacy Leadership Process, What You Can Legally Do, and how you can get involved.

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