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Facts | Fact Sheets

Immigration and Integration


  • There are 14 million Asian Americans and nearly 1 million Pacific Islanders in the United States. (Language Spoken at Home, 2006 American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau) 


Fact Sheets 

Annual Immigration to the United States: The Real Numbers
From the Migration Policy Institute, this fact sheet provides a clear understanding of the true numbers of people who enter the U.S. each year and are likely to stay indefinitely. According to MPI, the Department of Homeland Security leaves out intending permanent immigrants or temporary immigrants who end up staying, as well as hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants who overstay legal permitted periods and lose their legal status. More fact sheets from MPI can be found here.

Migration Policy Institute Data Hub: Migration facts, stats, and maps
This interactive map from the Migration Policy Institute provides national and state-by-state data on foreign born by state. Click a state to generate fact sheets about the demographic and social, language and education, workforce, and income and poverty characteristics.

Migration Policy Institute’s NCIIP Data Resources and Policy-Focused Research on Immigrant Adult Literacy and Workforce Training Needs
Adult English language, literacy and workforce development are all critical elements of an immigrant integration agenda. Fifty-one per cent of immigrants are limited English proficient. Our nation may need to provide 227 million hours of instruction per year to help lawful permanent residents (LPRs) become English proficient—1.6 billion hours over 6 years. Review this slide presentation for more facts. Learn about research resources available through the Migration Policy Institute.


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